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Norbert Bayer is known for his notorious pixelextravaganza and has created an unexpected renaissance of an almost forgotten technique: The mosaic.
But he wouldn’t be known as «Mister Ministeck» if his mosaics weren’t somehow special: They’re made from plastic. To be exact: From little plastic pieces, placed on a grid.
This is clearly a strategy influenced by the DO-IT-YOURSELF/ EVERYBODY-IS-AN-ARTIST prophets of the seventies: Artistic self-realization as a way of democratization of society. This phenomenon is reflected in the technical progress of the early eighties. With the introduction of the first personal computers like the C64 everybody was a programmer, do-it-yourself became WRITE-YOUR-OWN-PROGRAM.
Norbert Bayer’s way of combining those little plastic-pixels with images from the virtual world – for example screenshots/ images from C64 computergames for the TouchScreens-series creates quite a paradox energy, which is even stronger in those images that have been rendered on the computer, for example the coverdesigns for the «Fucky don’t CD» and «INPUT 64»-samplers.

Since 1999 Bayer’s art could be seen in several exhibitions, for example at Maou-Maou- Gallery, Berlin or at group exhibitions with for example u.a. Takashi Murakami, SF Invader und Evelin.
After his graduation he’s been working on the research-project, a documentary about the 4th dimension in Marcel Duchamp’s work, together with Prof. Dr. Ursula Panhans-Bühler. Besides that he’s been busy doing illustrations for the german newspaper DIE ZEIT and other magazines and LP/CD covers for several labels.

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