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Taking a bona fide trip…

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…down nostalgia-lane can never be wrong!
Especially when the destination you’re heading to is a group show curated by Evelin Höhne who opens a tiny window into the art world of the late 90′s/early 00′s of Berlin. Why not call this era fin de siècle berlinoise?
Listen to the music of Minitchêv and don’t forget: only nostalgia is still what it used to be!

Samstag 03.09.11 – 18:00
Ladies & Gentlemen, you’re stepping into TAS!

Erzberger Str. 32, Kassel, Germany
Auszüge aus der Sammlung Galerie Universum.
Arbeiten u.a. von Sim Gil, Honeysuckle Company, Steve Keene, N.Y., Peter Kisur & Reimo Herfurt, Franz Schütte, Daniel Johnston, Gary Panter, Atak, Christiane Frohmann, Julia Horstmann, Norbert Bayer aka. Mister Ministeck und 4000

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