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Cover Art by Norbert Bayer for Frederik Schikowski’s album «In geordneten Verhältnissen»

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Frederik Schikowski In geordneten Verhältnissen Sozialistischer Plattenbau Cover Norbert Bayer

I’m happy to announce that I was commissioned to design the cover art for German musician Frederik Schikowski’s LP «In geordneten Verhältnissen», which was announced 10 years ago, but took time to materialize until now…

For the back cover I created a plastic pixel portrait of Frederik Schikowski who is known through his albums «Mein kleines Pony» on Lux Nigra (Review on de-bug here) and «Einblick ins Familienalbum» on Irritant Records (Review on de-bug here), as well as for his releases on A.D.S.R. (Review on de-bug here), Trakehener, AK Duck and Esel Records.

Last but not least he also contributed to my «Analalogue Eats Digital» – Mini CD, which was released 2001 as a 5-track 3″ CD with songs by Neoangin, Frederik Schikowski, Pinknoise, Art of Kissing and Stereo Total. Instead of a cover artwork it came with an orginal plastic pixel Ministeck-image.

Frederik Schikowski In geordneten Verhältnissen Sozialistischer Plattenbau Cover Norbert Bayer

The front cover of «In geordneten Verhältnissen» is a mosaic formed by the exact plastic bricks used for the portrait from the front cover – but this time sorted by colour and shape. This referes to the German expression «In geordneten Verhältnissen» used for the title, which means «living a settled life» or «being well established» and literally translates into English as «in sorted circumstances».
You can see the plain cover design artworks in my «Works»-Section.

«In geordneten Verhältnissen» is an 11 track LP and as Frederik Schikowski himself puts it «contains a selection of my music produced during 1999-2002 using a Yamaha PSS-680. Over the course of the last decade diverse labels have wanted to release these tracks – however, due to a series of unfortunate circumstances this never came about. That is why I am delighted that now, after all these years, this 12“ gets to see the light of day.»

It is released by Sozialistischer Plattenbau together with The Brain Records from France (the label run by Puyo Puyo), comes with a digital download code and can be ordered directly through the webshop of the label Sozialistischer Plattenbau.

There are only 360 copies available – so you better be quick…

Enjoy the music – and if it happens that you’re into fan art and use the cover as a pattern to make your own mosaic, please let me know!


You can listen to it online here – and buy it as a digital download also.

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