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My Photogram Portrait by Natalie Ital

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Photogram Portrait of Norbert Bayer by Natalie Ital

I finally got my photogram portrait taken by my artist friend Natalie Ital!

Can you identfy me?
Sure – the glases tell it all! Also if some might say it’s rather my nose…

But what is a photogram?
It’s a classic photographic technique Natalie is famous for. It doesn’t need a camera – it just works with photographic paper and light.

Sounds and looks scary?
Actually, it’s definitely not. You simply sit in a completely dark room and put your head on photographic paper which lies on a table.
Then Natalie wizardly moves lightbulbs around you and puts the paper away before she lights the room again. Later on the photo is developed by her and thus it reveals its magical inner life.

Do you want your own photogram portrait?
Then you can get in touch with her through her website, where you can also find more information about her and her art.

You don’t like black and white pictures?
Well, she also offers a version for colour-lovers!

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